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Swarpreet Kaur

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Raaja Rajan.M

Mr. Raaja Rajan, an engineering graduate with masters in Marketing, hails from a family of weavers who were also pioneers in the cotton spinning industry. He has had extensive experience and involvement in the entire cotton manufacturing process right from ginning to the finished garments. He has 9 years of hands-on experience in natural dyes.


Rajan is Chief of Operations for Natural Dye House, who provides quality natural dyeing solutions for various segments of the textile industry.


With a great passion for the
environment, she is instrumental in
keeping Natural Dye House focused in
our work to make the company totally

She is a mother to all of us
and the environment around us.

She treats the environment as her own child that needs naturing and care. She has an
uncanny knack for tying all the loose

She is in charge of Finance and Management.

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