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Marigold plant belongs to the family of Tagetes species. Marigold flowers are one of the main raw materials employed for the colouration of textiles before the World War II era. In ancient times, these flowers were used as a sort of clock, said to be phototropic plants which means they follow the sun turning their flower heads towards it all through the day. Hence these flowers open late in the morning and close by the evening. Marigolds are considered sacred by Hindus in Indian culture. They make garlands out of these flowers and use them in festivals, weddings and temple offerings etc. Since these flowers are associated with Mother Mary, the English consider them as protection from evil and also as a symbol for good luck.

Scientifically, the phytochemical screening of the Tagetes species have proved to contain flavonoid, alkaloid, quinones, phenols, triterpenoid and coumarins bioactive compounds which are of medicinal value and have a definite physiological action on the human body (Devika and Koilpillai, 2015: ISSN 1996-0700/DOI:10.3923/ajbkr.2014.21.24).

We employ the best Indian marigold flowers which yield a rich clear light, medium, dark yellows and green by standardized dyeing process to olive shades using different natural mordant on fibers, fabric and garments with good performance properties such as wash and light fastness properties. 

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