About Us

​​​We care for the environment. By providing scalable natural dye solutions to the fashion & textile industry & making it accessible to wider markets, we are able to replace mass-produced synthetic dyes with ethical, bio-degradable & eco-friendly options.

We are here to make a change. Unsustainable "fast and cheap" mentality has pushed the textile industry to exploit human and natural resources. Only by following the laws of Nature, we can revive the biodiversity & health of our ecosystems.


We provide high grade natural dyeing solution for various textile products like yarn, fabric & garment. All our colorants and auxiliaries are made from natural sources which are completely bio-degradable and 100% sustainable. We dye all kinds of natural material like cotton, silk, wool, hemp, linen and weganool.

Let's slow down and take off our "chemical glasses" so that once again we can appreciate the beautiful vibrant colours that Mother Nature is offering to us.


Our Unique Proposition

Meet The Team

Dr. K.H. Prabhu

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Dr. Prabhu has been associated with the field of textile chemistry since 2003. His core research focus is developing natural mordants for the fixation of natural dyes to produce a wide gamut of shades which can be applied on an industrial level. He is also credited with evolving a greener & novel dyeing technology for reduction of both synthetic indigo and natural indigo dyes without using hydrose and caustic in the yarn stage. Dr. Prabhu has over 10 national and international publications & has published 20 review articles in national and international journals.


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An engineering graduate with a masters in Marketing, Rajan hails from a family of weavers who were also pioneers in the cotton spinning industry. He has had extensive experience and involvement in the entire cotton manufacturing process right from ginning to the finished garments. With 9-year hands-on expertise in natural dyes, he is our Chief of Operations who can find practical solutions to any functional challenges in the factory.


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Born and raised in a Handloom weaving community in Tamil Nadu where the traditional art form is passed from one generation to the other, Shankar grew up with a natural acumen for textile & farming. His deep connection to his roots led him towards researching on more sustainable solutions using plant-based fibers and dyes. Currently based in Auroville, he is an inventor of plant based  WEGANOOL fabric and bio-fertilizer & insect repellent called ARKA.


We hand pick a select group of farmers & suppliers and work with them to source unadulterated raw material taking special care to ensure the quality, consistency & authenticity..


We use different natural mordants which ensure excellent fastness on all parameters and capacity to withstand multiple washing cycles.


We have an in-house R&D lab where all our colors are lab tested for the fastness before introducing to the clients. Our standard measure of color fastness is 3 to 5.


Our systems & processes are built to scale. Our units can handle orders from small sampling up to 300 kg per day. We can source our raw material in large quantities to keep the color consistency throughout the lot.

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